Navorian Web Design

NavorianWebDesign has been designing web site for over 15 years. 
I'll work with you to get your site up in running within a month.

And the charge in low. 

A leading web designer would charge:

$1000.00 plus to set up your web site (5 pages)
$125 - 200 a month maintenance fee.
So figure out the cost of a web site.

$1500.00 (set up fee) 5 pages.
$1500.00 yearly charge.
$3000.00 for first year.

Then 1500.00 yearly charge every year after (5 pages)
Every additional page....could cost up to 25.00 extra.

You ask, "what about those free web sites?"
There free up to a certain point...then they
start charging you a monthly fee.  Again,
nothing is free.  Just check out these free sites
then read the Terms of Service. Free?  Nope.

Well NavorianWebDesign doesn't do that. 
We'll work together to get your business or organization
up and running within one month. 

Call or write today for price information.

Good Design

Hello, I am Richard of Navorian Web Design.

I design websites for organizations, individuals, and businesses that want the ability to update page content themselves.  All my websites are designed in a content management system that allows you, the website owner, to log in andupdate the content as often as you need to or I can keep your website up do date for you.

Keep your Website Fresh ·•  Do you have hours of operation, menus, pricing or weekly specials that need updating on an ongoing vasis?  Then this is a solution for you.

Showcase Your Latest Creation or Product • Do you have a portfolio that is continually growing that you want to keep updated and in front of oyur customers?  Then this is a great solution for you.

Be a Resource For Your Customers • Do you use your website as a resource of information for your customers, weekly tips, articles or white papers?  Then, once again, this is a great solution for you. 

If you want to save TIME and MONEY doing the website updates yourself WHEN you want them done consider Navorian Web Design.

I will design a website you not only own, you but CONTROL.

Call today or write to us for more details.


Three Reasons

Three reasons you visited this web site today.
Do any of them fit your needs?

1.  My business or organization needs a web site.
2.  My site is out of date.
3.  The web designer does not help my needs or never talks to me.

Well if you fit any of these 3 criteria's then I'll help you get going.


Navorian Web Design for your Web Design.
Call today for a free consultation.  

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